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The upgraded A-10C reached initial operation capability in September 2007. Specifically designed for close air support, its combination of large and varied ordnance load, long loiter time, accurate weapons delivery, austere field capability, and survivability has proven invaluable to the United States and its allies a-10C AAR Arma Arma 3 Belsimtek Bohemia Interactive bush pilot campaign civil aviation DCS DCS World DCS World 2 DCS World 2.0 DLC eagle dynamics event featured flight-sim flight simulator Fly-In FPS fsx hardware Helicopter HOTAS IL2: Battle of Stalingrad ios joystick laminar research MiG15bis mission mobile multiplayer p3d review simulator.

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  1. A-10C has been upgraded to meet 21 st century standards, using systems such as Multi-Function Color Displays (MFCD), GPS-guided weapons, and data-link support. Retaining all the features of older A-10A, the A-10C has turned into a true precision strike fighter with the most modern navigation systems, precision attack weapons (Maverick, JDAM.
  2. Model vismod for the A-10C's Sp. Weapon Loadout. Become an ace pilot and soar through photorealistic skies with full 360 degree movement; down enemy aircraft and experience the thrill of engaging in realistic sorties
  3. The Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II is a single seat, twin-engine, straight wing jet aircraft developed by Fairchild-Republic for the United States Ai..
  4. A10C Weapons. UNDER CONSTRUCTION Up-to-Speed Guide - DCS: A10C - Weapons. For this guide, you must be in KA-50 Real Mode - DO NOT choose Game Flight Mode or Game Avionics (under GamePlay options). This page deals with all the weapons - their details and uses and how to arm and deploy them
  5. DCS: A-10C Warthog is a PC simulation of the U.S. premier Close Air Support attack aircraft. This is the second aircraft in the DCS series, following DCS: Black Shark, and raises the bar even higher in the DCS series
  6. d that the ground crew will always refuel the plane first. This may take quite a bit of time if you're either increasing or reducing the fuel quantity a lot. #8

Let me dissect your post and also help you out, both, technically and mentally ;) You need to provide the type of your joystick and more specifics regarding the A-10C weapons release, like what weapon and when, ideally, a track as an example, or screenshots at the least, a video would be absolutely far and beyond what I would expect, but what you have posted is the absolute minimum The A-10C employs a wide variety of conventional munitions in support of OIR and the destruction of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Taken on Jul. 6, 2017 the stunning photo in this post features an A-10C Thunderbolt II departing after receiving fuel from a 340th Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron KC-135 Stratotanker during a flight in support of Combined Joint Task Force - Operation.

To shoot something quickly in the A-10C, look to your weapons switches, turn Master Arm on, Gun/PAC Arm on, and press the Master Mode Control Button (MMCB) on the HOTAS until the HUD says GUN. Put the reticle on something that needs to go poof and press the trigger all the way through the second detent The Air Force has trumpeted the new A-10C as a state-of-the-art marriage of technology and a tried and true weapons system. After all, the fully-digital Thunderbolt II carries upgrades giving it precision engagement capability.After the roll-out at D-M While the Warthog remains one of the weapons of choice for Close Air Support and Battlefield Air Interdiction missions against the Islamic State, the U.S. Air Force has announced that 18.

As with all things, it's not perfect and the real world A-10C has changed over time as well. Eagle Dynamics is c currently preparing a version two of their premier module and it's coming with some exciting new features and weapons to help sweeten the deal. One of the most contested areas is the flight model and the gun dispersion This is based on DCS: A10C Warthog v1.1.1.1 and contains 170 pages. I included some additional information, like countries in which particular vehicles are available, or pylons to which weapons can be attached. Weapons classification is like in the game, even if inappropriate Differences between A-10C and A-10C II. Mr.Scar. 08-28-2020 06:56 AM by Mr.Scar. 2: 2,413: A10-C II Campaigns. Antonin_Dorne. 08-22-2020 02:12 PM by BuzzU. 3: 2,991: When can we expect more info about A-10C v2? (1 2 3... Last Page) amalahama. 08-13-2020 07:25 AM by stormridersp. 42: 19,281: It's official Boys!! Sr. 08-05-2020 07:57 AM by.

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Taking my best friend up for a weapons lesson. He got a chance to learn how to fire the AGM-65H Maverick anti-tank missiles, and took a few strafe runs with. Die Fairchild-Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II (deutsch Donnerkeil), von ihren Piloten auch Warthog (Warzenschwein) oder kurz Hog genannt, ist seit 1975 das wichtigste Erdkampfflugzeug der US-Luftstreitkräfte.. Der einfach aufgebaute, effektive und robuste zweistrahlige Unterschall-Jet ist zum Einsatz gegen Bodenziele, vor allem zur Bekämpfung gepanzerter Fahrzeuge vorgesehen USAF A-10C Weapons Set 3D model. 3D Models. Aircraft. Military. USAF A-10C Weapons Set 3D model. 1 / 12. USAF A-10C Weapons Set 3D model. Add to wish list Remove from wish list. Description; Comments (8) Reviews (2) 既に出品済みのA-10Cに装備する武器セットです。 内容:翼下に設置する各パイロン、A-10用増槽.

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A-10C LEGACY: A-10A • Intense workload causes heads-down time • Built on 1970 / 1980 technology • Limited integration with modern command and control • Limited precision weapons capability • Combat proven lethalit A-10C II Development Report We have now completed the flight dynamics research needed for the new weapons and we are close to completing the cockpit weathered textures. We are also completing work on the Helmet Mounted Cueing System (HMCS) and the integration of the Targeting Pod projection window over landmasses and buildings. GBU-54 Laser. The A-10C Thunderbolt II, becoming a bomb truck that can release these stand-off weapons to neutralize threats as far as 50 miles in the target area before starting to provide Close Air. The next video is starting stop. Loading.. The AGR-20A Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) is a conversion of the Hydra 70 rocket with a laser guidance system that turns these relatively cheap (by military standards) rockets into precision weapons. The weapon was first deployed in 2012 and has become available on the A-10C and F-16C as of 2016. Another new weapon is the GBU-54

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A contract for full-rate production of 107 units was placed in August 2006. The A-10C achieved initial operating capability in August 2007. 100 A-10s had been upgraded by January 2008. The A10C began operational deployment in Iraq in September 2007. 356 A-10 aircraft have been upgraded in the contract Target acquired! A line of Russian T-72B tanks, teasingly stationary against the spinach-green plain, lights up my A-10C's HUD. If I was playing almost any other combat flight game, I would.

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DCS A-10C: Tutorial: Mark points and Weapons The 66th Weapons School Squadron also brought over 60 maintenance specialists to ready six of the squadron's A-10C aircraft that joined the Warthogs of the 190th for low to medium threat flying while operating with Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC) of the 124th Air Support Operations Squadron The A-10C is an upgraded variant of the A-10A, allowing it to carry more modern ordinance. Designed from the ground up as a loitering, close air support platform, the 'Thunderbolt' boasts incredible ease of maintenance in the hangar, and nigh-indestructability in combat despite mediocre speed performance.; It features a myriad of damage-negation features like titanium-armour plating. If you really dig into the various ways to deploy the weapons in the A-10C, you will be able to generally figure out what might be used against what and why. The manual is pretty good about outlining all the different release modes, HUD settings, and DSMS configuration pages so leaning on it pretty heavily as you learn is a pretty good idea

DCS: A-10C Warthog is an air combat flight simulator. It lets the simulator pilot fly the A-10C Thunderbolt II aircraft in various combat roles and missions that this aircraft has been designed for. Its main role in the game is to fly missions (with a wingman) that mainly involve attacking ground ta.. The M-61 Vulcan is a six-barreled hydraulically driven 20 mm automatic cannon capable of firing over 6,000 rpm (rounds per minute). The F-14 carries the gun internally mounted beneath the cockpit with the muzzle being located on the lower left side of the fuselage a-10c, t/n 79-0204, and a-10c, t/n 78-0657 66th weapons squadron 57th wing nellis air force base, nevada location: nevada test and training range 65c date of accident: 6 september 2017 board president: colonel bruce e. munger conducted iaw air force instruction 51-503 [volume one of one


The A-10C Thunderbolt II is an American twin-engine, straight-wing jet aircraf designed solely for close air support of ground forces, the A-10 was built to attack tanks, armored vehicles, and other ground targets with limited air defenses Editor: The A-10C is an enhanced version of the Famous A-10A that served as a major close air support aircraft for the U.S. Air Force, Air National Guard, and Reserves for almost 30 years. A-10C has been upgraded to meet 21 st century standards, using systems such as Multi-Function Color Displays (MFCD), GPS-guided weapons, and data-link support Failure to do so will result in untextured weapons and a miss colored canopy. 5. Troubleshooting . Problem: The loadouts carried by the aircraft are not textured. Fix: Make sure you have copied the texture file, RWAI_A10C_Weapons.bmp into each individual texture folder for the A-10C model Affectionately called the A-10 Warthog for its aggressive look and often painted with teeth on the nose cone, the A-10 Thunderbolt II is the U.S. Air Force's primary low-altitude close air. The Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II is an American twin-engine, straight-wing jet aircraft developed by Fairchild-Republic in the early 1970s. The only United States Air Force aircraft designed solely for close air support of ground forces, the A-10 was built to attack tanks, armored vehicles, and other ground targets with limited air defenses

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66th Weapons Squadron A-10C caught at Nellis May 3, 2011 At Nellis AFB, Nevada, Warthog News contributor Bruce Smith from the United States had the opportunity to take the following shot: A-10C 80-0185 from the 66th Weapons Squadron. Sniper XR targeting pod on station 10, SUU-25 Flare Dispenser on station 9 Kneeboard Builder is an easy to use utility that simplifies the creation of custom kneeboards for DCS World. It automatically converts '.pdf' files to '.png' images and places them in groups that can be used to quickly create custom kneeboards for individual DCS World aircraft. Use Kneeboard Builder to customize the way the kneeboard is displayed in DCS World by changing the size, position and. In 2005, the entire fleet of 356 A-10 and OA-10 aircraft began receiving the Precision Engagement upgrades including an improved fire control system (FCS), electronic countermeasures (ECM), and smart bomb targeting. The aircraft receiving this upgrade were redesignated A-10C Senior Airman Dylan Holton, 74th Aircraft Maintenance Unit weapons flight crew member, unscrews a bolt to a 30mm GAU-8 Gatling Gun system during unscheduled maintenance, July 23, 2019, at Moody Air Force Base, Ga. Unscheduled maintenance occurs when discrepancies are discovered with A-10C Thunderbolt II weapon systems The A-10C Thunderbolt, developed by Fairchild-Republic, is one of the most complex planes in the series of Digital Combat Simulation by Eagle Dynamics. Full tanks and plenty of weapons decrease the speed and maneuverability noticeable. Its job is to stay a long time in the operational area and to interfere situationally while dealing.

The A-10C is designed to take damage and keep operating, and that includes redundancies in the hydraulic system that raises and lowers the landing gears. In the event of hydraulic failure, an. A-10C Warthog is perhaps the most complex fighter simulation I have ever worked with, having worked with flight simulators (especially Microsoft) since the mid 1980's. I discovered very quickly that, despite my own flight simulator experience (over 100,000 hours total), it was necessary to read and study the manual carefully Game update (patch) to Digital Combat Simulator: A-10C Warthog, a(n) simulation game, v., added on Wednesday, March 9, 2011. file type Game update file size 685.2 M

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An A-10C Thunderbolt II from the 354th Fighter Squadron, Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz., practices attack maneuvers at Berry Goldwater Range in Arizona Feb. 15, 2008. Boasting state-of-the-art avionics, fully integrated targeting pods and new smart weapons like the 500 and 2,000 lb. Joint Direct Attack Munitions, the A-10C gives its pilots increased. Feb 22, 2018 - Explore fredericklongo's board A-10C on Pinterest. See more ideas about Fighter jets, Military aircraft and A10 warthog A-10C Precision Engagement. The newly designated C-model A-10 Thunderbolt II, modified with precision engagement technology, was flown for the first time at Eglin AFB, FL. in January 2005 So here we have the airframe update parts for the A-10C in the box. While Hasegawa provides a nice array of armament, you'll need to obtain a LITENING or SNIPER pod as well as JDAMS and other newer weapons added to the A-10C capabilities from other sources including Hasegawa's own optional weapons sets. For a look at this kit built-up, look here Eagle Dynamics released a massive update for two of its flight sim games, DCS: A-10C Warthog and DCS: Black Shark 2. The A-10C patch provides a long list of improvements and fixes to the.

This is one of the other schemes of the JAWS (Joint Attack Weapons System) program. For installation simply drop this in your DCSWorld\Bazar\Liveries\A-10A or A-10C folders, open the simulation and in the Payload Window, select “JAWS Skin No.2†and go fly DCS A-10C ILS Approach. Kalyn Faus Dec 24, 2018 - Explore danqpham's board A-10C on Pinterest. See more ideas about Fighter jets, Military aircraft, Warthog Future Weapons: A-10C ThunderBolt 2 Venny 29 October, 2010 25 Comments —————————— To View in Higher Quality: www.youtube.com Future Weapons presents the A-10C ThunderBolt 2 is a close air support aircraft that carries the famous 30mm GAU avenger Cannon, a gatling gun A-10/OA-10 Thunderbolt II. The US Air Force has decided to not retire the A-10 Warthog jet, until at least 2021, pushing back the original cutoff date by three years

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Squadron Prints Lithograph No, 1582 - A-10C, F-15C, F-15E, F-16C, F-22A, F-35A, 422d & 59th Test and Evaluation Squadron, 53d Wing, Nllis Air Force Base, Nevada. Activated at Orlando Air Base, Florida in August 1943, as the 422d Night Fighter Squadron flying the Douglas A-20 Havoc and an early model of the Northrop YP-61 Black Widow The $300 million [A-10C] program gives the Warthog two new glass multifunction color cockpit displays, along with a digital stores management system that allows pilots to control weapons through computers A new MBT for GTA V, after having made the US Abrams and German Leo 2A6, here comes the Merkava Mark IV (Mark IV being the latest version of the Merkava). The Merkava was specially built to fullfil certain needs and as such differs to traditional MBTs by having its engine in the front and an additional exit hatch in the rear, which can also be used for re-arming during combat 476thvFighter Group. Combat Aircraft Training. A-10C. Weapons release data. www. 476vfightergroup.co A-10C Test Weapons Expediter/Aircraft Armament Systems Technician at United States Air Force Tucson, Arizona 5 connections. Join to Connect. United States Air Force. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical.

The AT-6 Wolverine cockpit is built for today's warfighter, integrating a digital glass cockpit and head-up display, tactical navigation, sensor display, weapons management, and weapons delivery modes. A-10C Lockheed Martin Combat Mission System; CMC Glass Cockpit, Flight Management System, and Multi-Function Display Mar 11, 2014 - A-10C | Picture of the Fairchild A-10C Thunderbolt II aircraf With this kit, you can model the A-10A early or LASTE, but we'll have to wait for some aftermarket options to get an A-10C cockpit update. What's also missing are the A-10C's new external stores such as Litening or Sniper XR designator pods and modern weapons to replace the cluster bombs such as the JDAMS and laser-guided bombs

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Sep 4, 2014 - toocatsoriginals: A-10C Warthog Photo: Steve Valinsk The P-10C is a handgun featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege in the Operation Grim Sky expansion pack. It is available for use by the Operators Clash and the Secret Service operator Warden. The firearm's real-life counterpart is the CZ P-10 C, a competitor to the Glock 19 designed for self-defense purposes. In-game, the P-10C includes an integrated red dot sight to assist with target. A-10C 80-0275 was taken on charge in 1981 as an A-10A, converted to an OA-10A in 1987 and an A-10C in 2008. 80-0275 was assigned to the US Air Force A-10C Thunderbolt II Demonstration Team in May 2019 and spent August and September being repainted at Davis-Monthan AFB The A-10C was specifically designed to perform forward air control missions. FY 2020 & FY 2021 - A-10 DoD Program: This data is available in Forecast International's U.S. Defense Budget Forecast , a comprehensive analytical database containing historical and forecast budget figures, year-to-year funding comparisons, congressional budget markups. An A-10C of 354th Fighter Squadron, 355th Wing accidentally launched a single M-156 rocket. According to Davis Monthan Air Force Base, home of the A-10C, the rocket impacted in a desert wash

DCS:A10C Warthog - Buy and download on GamersGateChengdu J-10 - CombatAircraftJ-20 Fighter Takes Part In First CombatRepublic A-10A Thunderbolt by Thomas Conte (Trumpeter 1/32)DCS A-10c Missile Launch Sound Mod

Lockheed Martin, OWEGO, NY: The Lockheed Martin-led A-10 Prime Team has delivered a new weapons delivery system to the U.S. Air Force's A-10C flight-test program. Called the Digital Stores Management System (DSMS), the new system is integrated with the Sniper and LITENING targeting pods to give the aircraft a 'smart The improvements are significant in terms of tying together all the avionics and weapons systems making the Hog drivers life much easier. With this comes the ability for the newly designated A-10C to use weapons such as the GBU-31/32/38 JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) and the CBU-103/104/105 Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser (WCMD) Weapons > A-10C Weapons Release Data. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below A-10c Thunderbolt II. 33.5k FairFireFlight one year ago All Weapons Have Realistic Mass And Characteristics , Except The Sidewinders Because Their Information Is Classified AUTO ROLL IS ONLY WHEN CARRYING THE SIDEWINDERS Fun Fact: When Removing The GAu-8 For Maintenance , The Crew Must First Install A Jack At The Rear Of The Plane So It Won. A new MBT for GTA V, after having made the US Abrams and German Leo 2A6, here comes the Merkava Mark IV (Mark IV being the latest version of the Merkava). The Merkava was specially built to fullfil certain needs and as such differs to traditional MBTs by having its engine in the front and an additional exit hatch in the rear, which can also be used for re-arming during combat. This mod brings. IRIS Simulations IRIS - Airforce Series - Warthog Driver II [TP/FSX/P3D] - Product Description The A-10 Thunderbolt II is an American single-seat, twin-engine, straight-wing jet aircraft developed by Fairchild-Republic in the early 1970s. The A-10 was designed for a United States Air Force requirement to provide close air support (CAS) for ground forces by attacking tanks, armored vehicles.

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