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  1. Full Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLALQuK1NDrjXA74Hc_HnLfxF-NZIxIgJ - - Like these Ballroom Dance Lessons !!! Check out the official app..
  2. Hip hop dance tutorial for beginners on how to do 3 simple dance moves. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/MihranK TRY IT WITH MUSIC NOW - https://youtu.be/OZEk_ztv8ww..
  3. This five part how to video teaches you the basic steps for swing dancing. These steps are the basis for other more advanced styles of swing dance such as the Lindy Hop and the Charleston. Watch this tutorial and you'll be swing dancing in no time. Part 1 of 5 - How to Do beginner swing dance moves
  4. Swing Dance Lesson #2: 3 technique tips for Swing basic step: In this lesson you will be learning some technique that is essential for the Swing. We will be breaking down the footwork on each step. The rocks step is using ball flat action. Followed by the ball of the foot, flat and ball flat for the triple steps
  5. It's easy to learn how to swing dance with this free video tutorial series from Howcast! History of Swing Dancing. Swing dancing first appeared in the 1920s and was originally performed to contemporary jazz music. Swing was the name given to the various styles of dances created during this time that all featured similar moves
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A clod-hopping presenter demonstrates in this how-to video that Lindy hop skills can be used to dance to ska music. The trick, as explained in the video, is to master the art of putting the emphasis on the UP and not the DOWN. Watch this video dance tutorial and learn how to dance the lindy hop swing dance to ska music Great Listed Sites Have Swing Dance Tutorial Website. Posted: (5 days ago) Posted: (3 days ago) Swing; This 4 part dance tutorial teaches you how to do swing dance moves that your grandma used to do. Instructors are Nina Gilkenson and Bobby White shows you the S turn, the Charleston, and double kicks How to Swing Dance. Swing is a style of dance that developed along with the jazz music scene of the 1920s and 1940s. Swing dancing encompasses a wide range of different moves, such as the Lindy Hop and the Charleston. If you want to learn.. Swing dance is a group of dances that developed with the swing style of jazz music in the 1920s-1940s, with the origins of each dance predating the popular swing era.During the swing era, there were hundreds of styles of swing dancing, but those that have survived beyond that era include: Lindy Hop, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, and Charleston. Today, the best-known of these dances is the Lindy. Swing Moves 4 = Four Count Swing 6 = Six Count Swing T = Triple Step Swing H = Hustle. Most of these swing moves can be danced interchangeably in Four Count Swing, Six Count Swing, Triple Step Swing, and Hustle, with only a change in footwork. The numbers and letter after the name denote the footwork(s) with which the move had been demoed

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  1. In addition, our goal is to include every type of swing dance genre. Also, we include different levels of instruction and a variety of swing dance teachers. Swing Dance Lessons. The term, swing dance, serves as a broad inclusive term for many different types of dance. Moreover, swing dancing is part of a culture of dance that has spread around.
  2. Swing dance lessons are a great way to have fun, work out, and make new friends! Arthur Murray Dance Studio offers a variety of dance lessons that are designed to help all students become confident dancers at social events and even dance competitions. When you enroll in a swing dance class, you will start out by learning the basic steps
  3. How To Dance Electro Swing - Tutorials by Smilin. The female Dancer Smilin gonna show you Electro Swing Dance Tutorials, because she think's there should be more on YouTube. And many more people could dance to the music In addition, sports and exercise are healthy too! There are already 2 Tutorials now: Part 1: V-Step Part 2: The.

This online instructional course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to dance West Coast Swing for beginners. You'll learn the basic moves, patterns and fundamental footwork of West Coast Swing in easy, step-by-step online lessons. You get instant access to the online video lessons and you can watch and learn at your convenience, from. Swing dance is characterized by lots of swinging, flipping, and throwing of dancers. Because it is a non-progressive dance style because it is mostly performed in one spot, it is a popular dance for a crowded dance floor. Swing is a quick, fast-paced dance. Couples hold hands as opposed to placing hands on the shoulders or around the waist, as. 24 August- Beginner Swing This will be for everyone - beginners who are brand new or those looking for a refresher. We'll have the basic steps, and a few classic shapes to get you out on the floor! 7:00pm-8:30pm @ the Estonian Hall (1.5 hours) Followed by Social Dance @ 8:30pm. 10 September - Come and Try Class & Community Dance

The best thing about east coast swing is that how many songs it can fit. It's 4/4 musical structure makes it fit almost any genre! Learn how to dance the East Coast Swing with our detailed video below. We will show you how to do 2 of the most basic east coast swing dance moves.The basic step consists of a rock step and then 2 triple steps for both men and women The East Coast Swing dance is the perfect dance for a beginner who wishes to pursue expertise in any other style of swing. The dance distinguishes itself from its contemporaries by its basic form and ease, and remains one of the best ballroom dances ever Swing is a lively, non-progressive partner dance that can be danced to a wide variety of music, from blues to rock & roll. Non-progressive means it's mostly performed in one spot, so it's very convenient on a crowded dance floor. Basic steps; Instructions & Diagram

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Characteristics: West Coast Swing is a slotted dance, meaning the dancers stay in a rectangular area, or panel, of the floor. While dancers do follow specified foot patterns, improvisation is also a large part of West Coast Swing. It is generally a smoother, more grounded swing style than previous versions. Featured in movie Hot Rod Gang. English Heritage is calling on the nation to 'Dance for VE Day' to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe. Over the May bank holiday, the Charity will lend some swing-time spirit to the nation's celebrations by sending hundreds of expert lindy-hoppers to join community events and street parties in all 48 counties of England Swing dance, Social dance form dating from the 1940s. Danced in the U.S. to swing music, the dance steps have distinct regional variations, including forms such as the West Coast swing, the East's jitterbug-lindy, the South's shag, and in Texas the push (Dallas) and the whip (Houston). Performance versions include extreme athletic moves that distinguish them from everyday social swing dance Global Swing Broadcast - Sofia Swing Dance Festival 2017 Video Broadcast Series http://www.gsb.fm/ & https://lindy.plus Sofia Swing Dance Festival, 1-5 June.

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Swing Dance History. The swing dance was discovered by a black community during the 1920's through dancing to contemporary jazz music. Swing dance was inspired by a revolution of jazz music that kept audiences dancing and thus music was known and described as 'Swing Jazz' to befit the effect of the music to its audiences Your wish is my command, so here's the requested How To Do The Electro Swing dance tutorial! Please let me know if you have any requests for future dance tutorials or if there's anything I could improve for future dance tutorials. Also, please like and subscribe if you liked it I hope you enjoy the video! Let's dance dance dance Posted: (3 days ago) Swing; This 4 part dance tutorial teaches you how to do swing dance moves that your grandma used to do. Instructors are Nina Gilkenson and Bobby White shows you the S turn, the Charleston, and double kicks. The swing dance moves are as comforting as warm turkey the day after Thanksgiving. Just like Grandma used to make

In this article, we include swing techniques for all the different forms of swing dancing. The term swing dance is an umbrella term that embraces a wide variety of swing dances. For instance, swing dance styles like Lindy Hop, Balboa, Bal-swing, East Coast swing, Jitterbug.Also, included are St. Louis shag, Collegiate shag, Carolina shag, Texas Push, D.C. Hand dance, West Coast swing. Mar 16, 2016 - West Coast Swing tutorial. Learn all the basic steps and patterns in one video: SUGAR PUSH 0:53 LEFT SIDE PASS 2:53 RIGHT SIDE PASS/UNDER ARM TURN 5:13 SUGAR TUCK 8:16 TRAVELING TUCK 10:52 INSIDE ROLL 12:12 WHIP 15:5 This dance style if from the 1950's. The correct name being Rock'n'Roll Basic 50's Style dancing or 4 step Rock'n'Roll. It is a partnered dance using the music from Bill Haley & the Comets, Little Richard, Elvis (the King), Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Jerry Lee Lewis just to name a few great artists of the 1950's Country swing dancing is the fastest growing style of country dancing in the world. In this how to country swing dance video, Anthony and Rose Lewis of Country Dance X teach you the Cuddle and Cuddle Drop. If you're looking for a how to swing dance tutorial and love country music, learning the basic country swing dance moves is a great place to start. In country swing dancing (contrary to the.

Swing Dance Moves Swing Dancing Ballroom Dancing Country Swing Dance Boogie Woogie Shall We Dance Learn To Dance Dance Videos Music Tv More information Saved by Shelby Johnso Lindy hop (also known as Jitterbug or Jive) is the original style of swing dancing - from the dance halls of 1920s and 30s Harlem to the worldwide swing craze of the 1940s and the rock'n'roll of the 1950s. Over the last 20-30 years swing dancing has been enjoying a renaissance - and London is one of the major cities driving this revival

18.5k members in the DanceTutorials community. Dance tutorials of all kinds. From popping, locking, breaking, crumping, swing, tap, salsa, Texas Dance tutorials of all kinds. From popping, locking, breaking, crumping, swing, tap, salsa, Texas two-step, foxtrot, disco, you name it. If it inspires or teaches you to move then it belongs here This is probably the most succinct and visually cleanest tutorial I've watched on WCS. This definitely earned my subscription. Powered by Dance Louisville INC. Improve your spins with this drill! Enter your email - watch the video now! West Coast Swing Music You'll get the list + links to the songs on YouTube The are sorted by style. Doors open at 7 pm and the introductory swing dance lesson runs from 7:30 - 8:30 pm. The DJ (or DJ's) starts playing tunes at 8:30 for the social dancing. No dance experience or dedicated dance partner needed, so come on out! We look forward to dancing with you. Brad N. Greg G. Donna B

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Swing - styl tańca towarzyskiego pochodzący ze Stanów Zjednoczonych, tańczony do muzyki jazzowej. Popularny od drugiego do piątego dziesięciolecia XX wieku. Moda na tańczenie swinga, zarówno w Ameryce, jak i w Europie, powróciła w latach osiemdziesiątych Vintage Swing Dance 101. 20 Original Dancers Every Beginner Should Know (or at least see dance) Solo Jazz Vocab #2: SUZY Q. Which Workshop To Go To? Challenge #2: Small Practices. Swing 101 Interview with JO HOFFBERG. Swing 101 interview with MIKE ROBERTS. Challenge #1: Intimidation After you've gotten basic East Coast Swing down, take classes in Lindy Hop and Balboa. Go to a swing camp, Lindy exchange or weekend workshop. These have intense all-day class schedules that will really jump-start your swing dancing fast! Think of them as swing dance boot camps

Basic Swing Dance Tutorial | Easy to Learn Swing Basic | Basic Swing Steps | Bas 是在优酷播出的音乐高清视频,于2015-04-22 01:35:40上线。视频内容简介:Basic Swing Dance Tutorial | Easy to Learn Swing Basic | Basic Swing Steps | Ba Swing dance --- belt flip. Stratus321. Suivre. il y a 7 ans | 69 vues. Swing dance --- belt flip. Signaler. Vidéos à découvrir. À suivre. 0:50. KINGSO Flip Flap Moving Dancing Solar Power Flower Flowerpot Swing Solar Car Toy Gift Review Stanley Dance, in The World of Swing, devoted the two first chapters of his work to discussions of the concept of swing with a collection of the musicians who played it.They described a kinetic quality to the music. It was compared to flying; take off was a signal to start a solo. The rhythmic pulse continued between the beats, expressed in dynamics, articulation, and inflection Aaron: We're professional ballroom dance instructors coming at you today from New York City, and today we're going to be talking to you about a little dance we call the swing, also what we refer to in the ballroom world as East Coast Swing. So what we're going to be doing is starting taking a look at the basic action Style: American Rhythm, Social Swing, Country & Western: Music: Fast swing music. Meter: 4/4: Tempo: 136 - 144 beats per minute: Basic Rhythm: 1 a2, 1 a2, 1 2 (accent.

You Should Be Dancing Electro Swing Dance Music Videos Swing Dancing Dance Academy Dance Routines Move Your Body Hollywood Lets Dance JustSomeMotion (JSM) - Dance Acadamy Choreography - #neoswing Hey Leute, da schon so viele von euch danach gefragt haben, wird es nun eine Reihe von Tutorials geben, in denen ihr meine Tanzschritte lernen könnt Swing Dance Steps; Learn West Coast Swing; Swing Dance History; It took ballroom dance pioneer Arthur Murray to see the dance for what it was: the next step in the evolution of American dance. He sent his dance teachers (at one point there were over 3,000 Arthur Murray studios in the U.S.) out to the clubs to learn the steps and begin teaching. Associazione nata nel 2010 con l'intento di diffondere musica, ballo, cultura, costume e stile degli anni 30 e 40. Ha sede legale a Pescara e in questi anni è riuscita a creare un vasto movimento intorno al mondo dello Swing sia nazionale che estero. L'Italian Swing Dance Society vanta un'organizzazione e una struttura praticamente uniche in Italia, poichè organizza l'ormai noto festival. East Coast Swing was derived from the original Swing dance: The Lindy Hop. This Ballroom dance is characterized by rocks steps and triple steps. It has a lively, fun and energetic feel to it and is often danced to rock n roll music. This tutorial will give you 2 exercises that you can do at home in order to practice your leading and. East Coast Swing Dance has had a resurgence since it's birth causing Swing to be featured in competitions, dance clubs and studios around the world. In the modern era of standardized American Style Ballroom Dance, there are essentially two basic swing dance styles. There is West Coast Swing and East Coast Swing

The Suzy-Q dance comes straight out of Harlem around 1935 and became popular in 1937. It Is considered a companion dance within the swing dance family of dances. This dance in general only consists of four steps or movements Clasp hands in front of you about waist high and put heel of foo Country Dance Country Swing Dance | Basic Dance Moves Tutorial. by. rbmadmin; April 15, 2020. Post Views: 5

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This country swing dance move starts out with the sweetheart (mentioned in the Beginner's section above) from which the male partner launches the female into two outward spins, then releasing her. East Coast Swing. East Coast Swing is pure fun! Fast, and energetic, it's emphasis is on looking relaxed! It's used in dance clubs, Country-Western bars, oldies clubs, and ballroom studios. Young and old the swing pulls from a universal crowd! History. The term swing came from a description used for jazz music Dance-Along. Line Dance Videos - $10. Practice your Line Dances in a two-hour dance from the comfort and safety of your own home. Each dance is a previously recorded live event led by Janet herself. Every Line Dance is run through and then danced all the way through to music. It's the replay-able Dance With Janet experience you wanted Jul 25, 2016 - Swing Tutorial #PerfectlyPaired Mor

The term Hammerlock is a reference to both a dance position and the figure in East Coast Swing that incorporates this position. The hammerlock position is one where man and lady stand facing each other, no more than a few inches apart. All hands are joined: Man's left hand to lady's right, and man's right hand to lady's left We are a licensee of the largest swing-only dance instruction and promotion company in America, Gottaswing.com, with over 4,000 students annually. No previous dance experience is required, and we actively welcome all ages at all of our events. Swing dancing is a fun, social activity where you meet great people and stay in shape, all at the same. Learn to dance by watching online video lessons and practicing the steps at home. The Dance Store Learning Center These free online dance videos from The Dance Store provide beginner-level instruction for dozens of styles such as the swing, hustle, and cha-cha

The jitterbug dance is a type of swing dance which has been a rage in the US parties since the 90s. In the early 20th century it became associated with swing dancers who danced without any knowledge or control. People could dance the way they wanted to, which made this dance to evolve through many stages How To: Do swing dance moves By rawhy; Swing; If you're looking for a dance that is very energetic and fast, then look no further than swing dance. They can be very fast and goes along with the music and is pretty easy to learn. If you're interested in learning the basics, this tutorial is perfect for you See more of The Nest Swing Dance Studio on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of The Nest Swing Dance Studio on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Tutorial Shim Sham - Parte 3. - Find a video Tutorial for east coast swing dance on youtube or another video source. - Watch the tutorial and learn the basic step - In your Google classroom e-learning document for the day, tell me you leaned the basic step in swing dancing and one sentence on how you did

Tutorial de Shim Sham - Parte 2. The Nest Swing Dance Studio. May 24 · Nuestra profesora Vira León continúa enseñándonos el Shim Sham. Related Videos Lo Swing è un termine generico che si riferisce a una svariata tipologia di danze correlate, la maggioranza delle quali vengono usate in modo intercambiabile all'interno delle singole canzoni. Questi tipi di ballo furono creati negli anni '20 e vennero usate in maniera consistente durante gli anni '50 e '60, sebbene siano tuttora molto popolari Brian B Yang is YouTube's most popular club dance instructor and art teacher with over 300 tutorials, 45,000+ subscribers and 12+ premium dance programs. He is specialized in showing guys how to become comfortable on the dance floor, have fun and not look silly. To date, Brian B has created over 20 courses around the subject of dance The swing dance and music styles remain popular to this day, and swing dancing is a fun date idea for new couples. Gently sway your hips back and forth and rock your partner to the beat of the music while you perform the footwork without leaning back or to the sides. Sometimes it helps to count aloud to the beat of the music while initially. Describes how to vary the font, color, or other formatting of text displayed by Swing components by using HTML tags. Using Models. Tells you about the Swing model architecture. This variation on Model-View-Controller (MVC) means that you can, if you wish, specify how the data and state of a Swing component are stored and retrieved

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Country Swing Dance Lessons. Our Country Swing Dance Lessons or 4-Count Swing is a simple style of swing consisting of rocking forward and back. This style of swing is very popular and versatile due to the steady four counts and can be danced to a plethora of different types of current music May 30, 2013 - Country Dancing - How to Dance Country Two Step. May 30, 2013 - Country Dancing - How to Dance Country Two Step. May 30, 2013 - Country Dancing - How to Dance Country Two Step. ..

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Choreographer Fabian Mller December 2019 Easy Intermediate 32 Count 2 Wall Music Whole Lotta Quit - Randy Houser Line dance stepsheet and videos titled A Swing To Quit Jul 16, 2015 - How to Do a Jive Windmill Step | Ballroom Dance - YouTub Ever since I shared a free swing tunic pattern with you a few months ago I've been wanting to see how easy it would be to turn it into a swing dress pattern.Turns out it's dead simple! I love the ease of swing dresses - nothing clinging or constricting, just soft material that flows in a beautiful, muffin-top concealing sort of way

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Dance Lessons 101 is the best starting point for Ballroom, Country, Swing, and Latin Dancing. This DVD is proof you can learn to dance without live lessons! You will be dancing the Slow Dance, Waltz, Swing, Salsa, Two-Step, Cha-Cha, Hustle, and West Coast Swing in a matter of minutes Swing Waltz Tracie Leigh Waltz Twilight Waltz These dances vary in length and difficulty and as such the harder dances are performed at higher levels. Social New Vogue. Social New Vogue aka (Sequence Dancing) has cemented its position on the Australian dance calendar for nearly a century Corsi di balli Swing a Torino: Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, Jazz Roots, Blues! Max e Serena Swing Dance è la scuola di ballo diretta da Massimiliano Montomoli e Serena Clerici, ballerini professionisti ed insegnanti, che promuovono da diversi anni sul territorio torinese e non solo, la cultura dei balli e della musica Swing anni '20-'50, con corsi di ballo settimanali, workshop.

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Lindy Hop Moves. a haven for swing dancers. Skip to content. Men Whether you're learning a new style, warming up for a performance or just want to take class when you can't make it to the studio, online dance training platforms are an ever-growing option for dancers of all genres and skill levels. And though they should never replace your live training, they can be a convenient—and hopefully valuable—supplement Swing is a very upbeat and versatile dance. Out of many different styles, the East Coast Swing is the easiest and most suitable for beginners. To start swinging all you need to learn is a basic 6 count step

This is a very simple long circle skirt pattern for belly dance costume with a video . Fishtail Circle Skirt. This one is a beauty - the tutorial as such is not detailed but if you have a circle skirt pattern, the instructions given in the site (the author also has a circle skirt pattern ) is enough to make a pattern for yourself for this. Couple's Swing Dance Performance To 'Hey Baby' As soon as the swing dancing couple stepped onto the dance floor, the crowd started to cheer. Then, the classic song 'Hey Baby' started to play. Those who don't remember hearing Bruce Channel tune over the radio in the '60s will surely recognize it from the beloved film, 'Dirty. El baile más popular de Costa Rica, conocido en el argot popular como Swing criollo, inspirado en el Swing o baile estadounidense del decenio de 1920, declarado en 2011 como patrimonio cultural inmaterial de Costa Rica, un baile muy divertido, sano para cualquier persona Lindy Hop Tutorial. Answer: Lindy hop can be intimidating to learn if you have no dance experience. There are ample teaching approaches online and I would suggest traveling no further. Our 40 minutes lindy hop lesson for beginners will help you understand, how simple this social dance can be

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West Coast Swing online is #1 online resource with best patterns, moves, tips & techniques for beginner to advanced dancers. Start learning HOW TO DANCE LINDY HOP Stop wasting your time on YouTube to find the right move. Start practising now! Lindy Hop Moves is about dancing, having fun and learning without wasting time to find interesting videos. Lindy Hop is by far the best dance style. To be here, you are probably like us and you are really passionate about Lindy The father-daughter wedding dance is one of the great wedding traditions. There are amazing and meaningful dance songs, but you and your daughter might need some help dancing the steps so you look elegant and well prepared. These resources will help you be ready for the big dance Lindy Hop ist ein Swing Tanzrichtung, die sich in Harlem zu Jazzmusik entwickelt hat. Die Wurzeln des liegen im Charleston, Break-AwayStep- und Jazztanz

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Si eres un amante del baile, y el swing está en tu lista de estilos para aprender, después de leer este post sobre los pasos de swing para principiantes y seguro que empezarás esas clases que tanto tiempo llevas esperando. El swing es un baile muy social y alegre que te permite mover tu cuerpo con mucha naturalidad, conocer a personas nuevas y disfrutar más de la vida allí donde vas Learning to dance with a partner opens up a whole new world. You can learn dances like Swing, Waltz, Foxtrot, or Salsa. You can take group or a private lesson. We also offer social dancing nights so you can use what you learn! Learn More. FLASH MOB - LINE DANCE Title: Michael Thomas WCS dance with 2 ladies at 2007 Swing Classic Description: A social West Coast Swing dance at the 2007 Swing Classic in Atlanta, GA. My son took this video while I was having fun trying to dance with 2 ladies at one time

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Dancers Tina and Mike Foley demonstrate how to swing dance. Videos in this Series. 1. Swing Dance Basics. 2. Swing Dance - Closed Position Jitterbug. 3. Swing Dance - Jitterbug Turns. 4. Swing Dance - Jitterbug Routine. 5. Swing Dance - The Charleston. 6 Your Swing Dance Connection in the Virginia Beach & Norfolk area and dance happenings in Hampton Roads area. Teaching the vintage styles of swing dance that has kept people on their toes for over a century. Weekly & monthly swing dance and blues dance lessons, workshops, dances, socials, and exhibitions. Two-Left-Feet always welcome

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Swing Dance Tutorial; About; Contact; Home About. About. About. Welcome to On The Dance Floor! Whether you are a beginner dancer looking for new moves, or an experienced dancer looking for some tap shoes, this site is for you. We welcome you to our site and our community, and we hope you find our resources helpful After learning the routine from Frankie, members of the New York Swing Dance Society started doing it every week at the local dance. From there, it spread to other venues, until a global tradition was born. Come learn the Shim Sham with us! The routine will be taught Monday, July 30 during the specialty classes block

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We can teach you a variety of dance styles including Waltz, Tango, Swing, Salsa, Bachata and even Hip Hop! Learn more . Virtual Dance Lessons. In our private virtual dance lessons, whether you are learning to dance for fun or a special occasion, we will customize your lessons to meet your needs and goals. Get started by scheduling your first. Greenville Westies is the Greenville area West Coast Swing dance community. West Coast Swing is popular across all age groups and one of the big reasons is because of the music. What kind of music do you like? Top 40? We dance to that. Rock? Bring it on. Hip Hop? We dance to that, too

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Come back every day to see the featured free tutorial. selfish sewing tutorials and patterns Free sewing patterns and sewing tutorials that have been featured on Sew Can She. Purses, totes, bags, scarves, skirts, blouses, tops, aprons, clutch, belts, fabric flowers, pins Today, I'd love to share with you my latest Dance Tutorial. Please give it a try & thank you for watching.. dance dancing dancers dancer west coast swing dancing wcs Thursday depression love music art SUBSCRIBE NOW Entreprenerur mental health dance video tutorial dance tutorial dance choreography choreography. 1 note Jul 9th, 2020 In the 1940s, the Rumba and Swing dances developed among American middle classes; they also caught on in Europe. Significant dances. A Cuban dance merging African and Latin styles, the Rumba is a courting dance.With small steps in a confined space, a sensual roll of the hips created a dance of passionate appeal

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